Immigrating to Another Country

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Emigrating from one country to another can be a tiresome and frustrating process and even after a lot of effort and patience, you may not be successful. For those people that are considering immigrating to Canada though, may be more fortunate than those considering immigrating somewhere else. The reason for this is Canada’s size and its population. Although it is the second largest country in the world, its population is only about 40th. This means that Canada often has a labour shortage especially in certain jobs and trades. This in turn means that immigration to Canada is often easier than it would be to a smaller more populated country. Because they need so many immigrants to work and because there are so many people applying to immigrate to Canada, the country created a website to assist people and that website has been very helpful in making people’s applications successful. Unfortunately on two occasions that website has been unable to cope with the numbers of people visiting it and so has temporarily closed. The most recent time was when people in the United States heard that Donald Trump had won the presidential race and the time before that was a couple of years ago when prices on the Wall Street Stock Exchange dropped considerably. On both of these occasions of course, the website had been inundated with visits from Americans but usually it is visited by all nationalities not just Americans. This website makes learning how to immigrate to Canada easy and so is extremely useful and something every country should perhaps have. Among the things you can find there are the Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC) and the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) as well as similar lists from the other 9 provinces and 3 territories. These are lists that state what particular skills are needed or what type of work people should be experienced in order to be the most effective to Canada. Anyone applying for immigration to Canada that has these listed skills will have a far greater chance of achieving their wish to live in Canada than others will. Once you are applying for a job or have as skill listed on these lists, your application will probably also be dealt with far more quickly. Some people have found it easy to immigrate to Canada because they first apply for a student visa and then, whilst still living in Canada, apply for a work visa. Your skills or profession do not have to appear on these lists for you to be successful in your application it is just more likely that your application will be accepted if it is. Whatever job you do and whatever part of Canada you successfully immigrate to, always remember that the winter there is probably going to be far colder than the winters you are used to. It is also worth knowing that in certain parts of Canada the people speak more French than they do English as both English and French are both Canada’s official languages.