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Getting the best from your Voice Over Artist.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve hired the services of the best voice over recording service online ever, if you duff up the process and give them the wrong information, you’re still not going to get the product or the experience you need. Here’s some tips to help you get the process right.

Getting the script right is a big part of helping the artist to deliver the results you want. There are a ton of online resources to help you identify the right length of script to fit certain advertising slots, depending on the characteristics of the delivery you want, so make use of them. It’s usually a good idea to be sure that all numbers are spelled out in the text too, so it’s clear how you want them pronouncing- there’s a big difference between ‘sixty two ten’ and ‘six two one oh’, after all!

It’s tempting to pick the lowest bidder when you’re on a budget, but it’s a path that’s fraught with danger and usually results in more heartache then its worth. Remember, the voice you choose is representing your whole organization. You also want a smooth process while compiling the audio, not the constant headaches of chasing an unprofessional amateur. Remember that’s it’s not ‘five minutes’ of work, even if that’s what the slot length boils down to- there’s a lot of preparation, editing and multiple takes of the script to factor into the artist’s time too. Most professionals have a standard rate sheet to give you a good idea of how they price their jobs.

Demos will also play a big role in matching the talent to the job at hand. Listen to a couple of each artist’s demo pieces, rather then just one, as that will give you a better idea of the depth and range of the artists talent. Listen out for demos that align with the tone you’re looking for in your project, so you can let the artist know what you’re looking for most closely from their portfolio. You can also ask if the artist is willing to do a demo reading of your work. However, do play fair. Don’t try pass your entire script off as a ‘demo reading’ to get free work. It’s a strategy that’s not only going to net you a bad name, but poor work that will likely be unusable. Most good artists won’t fall for it, and will only record a few lines. Rather make use of the chance to gauge if the artist handles a few lines of your content well.

To get the best results in your hunt, be sure to set the tone right from your moment of advertising. Give good details and, if budget is tight, make sure to include the budget too. Don’t be vague, as the vaguer your content, the harder it will be for the artists to determine if the job is a fit for their skills, and if they will work within your price range.