Love in the Age of Technology

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Through the years, we have seen a number of technological advancements unfold right in front of our eyes. These changes have changed our lives and the society in ways more than one. Among other things, technology changed love in many different perspectives, including those that are mentioned in the rest of this article. While there are some cases wherein technology may have ruined a person’s love life, it can do more good than harm. We should be thankful for the availability of the wide array of technologies to help us to find and keep the love of our life.

Spicing Up The Life of the Singles

One of the best things that technology has done is the opening up of opportunities for singles to find other singles who are interested in starting a relationship, dating, or even just for causal conversations to get to know each other better. There are many online dating websites available today. You might want to free Dating Site Trials UK online to enjoy them at a fraction of a cost.

In the past, if you are not in a relationship and you would like to meet other people, you will most probably go to a club and get drunk with high hopes that someone will be interested in hooking up with you. Today, such is no longer the case. As long as you are a member of an online dating portal, you can browse thousands of profiles of people from all over the world. You can have the results filtered on the basis of their location, age, and other demographics. For those who are socially awkward, online dating can be a good starting point to get to know another person.

Helping Couples Maintain Long Distance Relationships

If you are already in a relationship, technology will also be beneficial for you, especially if you are too far away from each other. Because of technology, the internet specifically, it is easy for you to connect with your partner and catch-up with what is happening on each other even if you are thousands of miles apart. Smartphones, for instance, will make it possible to get in touch through Viber, Facebook, Skype, and other apps with the intention of being able to break geographical barriers just to show the other person how much you love him or her.

Decades ago, if you would like to know what is happening with your partner who is in a different country, you would resort into the use of telegraphs. Snail mails take a while before it reaches the intended recipient. The birth of telephones made it easier to connect, but there are still limitations in terms of location. With smartphones and the internet, however, a big wave of change has been experienced. Regardless of where you are, even inside the car, you can get in touch with your partner in a different place. Without a doubt, such has made it possible to never lose passion with each other amidst the distance separating the two of you.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost?

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Have you ever heard of eHarmony already? If you have not yet heard of this name, then you have to know that eHarmony is one of the most celebrated and most trusted dating sites that are based in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, countless people from the country take their time to join on this site and get benefited from the services or membership deals it offers. And since you are still new on this particular site, it is not surprising to hear if you would ask this question: How much does eHarmony cost?

Before a particular service is availed, it is normal to know the price it is being offered by the provider. Since this is a dating site, it is important to know how much you are going to be charged or how much you are going to pay for subscribing to any of the membership plans offered by eHarmony. This way, you will know what you are going to expect along the way. So, what exactly is the amount of money that you are going to pay for the service rendered by this dating site in UK?

eHarmony Membership Costs: How Much Will it Cost You?

Once you have entered eHarmony, you will come to know that this site offers two different kinds of membership that need to be availed by interested people. The amount of money that you will have to pay to eHarmony mainly depends on the number of months which you have chosen in the first place. Obviously, the longer the subscription that you have chosen will entitle you to pay lesser along the way. So, how much does eHarmony cost?

Basic Membership Costs

This kind of membership gives you the freedom to choose from one month, three months, six months and 12 months subscriptions. For a one-month membership you will only have to pay £44.95; three-month costs $36.95; six-month costs £28.95; and twelve-month membership only costs £12.95. Choosing three-month, six-month and twelve-month subscription can give you great savings on its discounts that can go as high as 52%. Savings are based from the price of a one-month plan.

Total Connect Membership Costs

How Much Does eHarmony cost? On the other hand, there is also the so-called Total Connect Membership plan that you can avail from eHarmony. The following are the different prices that you will have to pay for every membership plan you wished to avail. By choosing a three-month membership plan, you will have to pay £39.95 for every month; availing six months of membership will cost you something like £28.95 per month; and you will have to pay $15.95 if you avail the site’s twelve-month membership. And by availing the six-month and twelve-month membership, you will have the opportunity to make huge savings that can go from 26% up to 47%. Basically, the savings that you will have to make are based from the three-month Total Connect plan.

So if you wish to know more about the cost that you will have to pay for a particular membership plan, it pays to visit Dating Prices today!

Autobiography—A New Slant into a Person’s Life

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I remember once when I was young that in one of my language classes, we were asked by the teacher to write an autobiography. So each of my classmates, at their tender age, readily scrambled for their dictionaries, trying to figure out what the word “autobiography” meant. One of my buddies whispered to me, insinuating that the word might have some relation to an “automobile.” I can’t help but chuckled a bit about his insinuation, but I guess both words were indeed somewhat related because both have the word “auto.” The dictionary told us that the word “autobiography” etymologically means a self-written account of one’s life. Derived from the three Greek words “autos” which means self, “bios” which means life, and “graphein” which means to write, autobiography basically means to write one’s own life. It is a story which is written primarily by the very person who had lived that life. Hence, most autobiographies are generally based on the recollections and memories of the writer. It is likewise closely associated with the literary form “memoir.”

It was only a couple of centuries ago when the word “autobiography” first came into use. It was in 1797 when William Taylor first used the word in the Monthly Review, an English periodical. Afterwards, the word had been in regular use to refer to a self-written story of one’s life. Yet, many writers before him had already written about their very own life, though they hadn’t used yet the word “autobiography.”

Autobiography in Contradistinction with Biography

Biography, although dealing with the life story of a person is usually written by another person. It is a selective and interpretative analytic study of another person’s life. The biographer usually gathers all the facts about a person and then tries to write coherently about that person. Examples of biographies are those of “Julius Caesar,” written by Plutarch around 45 B.C., and “The Life of Samuel Johnson” by James Boswell. On the other hand, an autobiographer tries to recall his/her own life story, its facts and happenings, based on his/her very own recollections, and then attempt to write a cohesive story about it. Examples of autobiography are those of Benjamin Franklin’s “Autobiography,” Bertrand Russell’s, and many more. You can readily find Autobiography examples online.

The Beauty of Autobiography

The beauty of autobiography is that it gives us a chance to see the life of a person from that person’s point of view. Hence, it is sometimes more exciting and more meaningful to read, because it is a first-hand experience and interpretation of a person’s life. Likewise, the closest we can get to a person’s life, if he be a great person, is to hear that person tells his/her own life story. A man may spruce up his autobiography, but it is still his own interpretation and paradigm that we can get out of his autobiography. In some way, it definitely gives us a new slant in understanding his mind.

Every person views one’s own self and the world from his/her own specific paradigm. Hence, in an autobiography, we are definitely provided an idea of the basic paradigms of the autobiographer. We can either take his/her viewpoints as matter-of-fact information, or interpret them according to our own paradigms. Yet, the fact will still remain—that autobiography is the closest we could ever get to the mind of a particular person.